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We have been told by attendees that they have won quick business from attending our One to One networking events. Some have won business after their first meeting. Whilst winning business is clearly one of the reasons for networking it is also probably unusual at the first meeting and we don’t think many people attend thinking ‘I’m going to win some business today talking to people I’ve only just met”. Networking is really about Knowing, Liking and Trusting people and that can take time or it can be that you instantly get on with the person sitting opposite you. Either way our One to One networking events are an excellent way of meeting new contacts to help your business grow. If you gain something immediately, great news, but whatever happens you should continue to network regularly and in helping others with their business you will also see benefits for your own.

Happy attendees – see Testimonials page for more

Really good to meet you again yesterday.
Thank you for arranging a great event. There was a good mix of professions and businesses - I don't know if you had intended for it to be like that or whether it just worked out that way?
Nonetheless, it worked really well!
Louise Pepper. IFA

The One to One Networking Session arranged by Eastwell Events was the first time I had ever attended this style of activity. I found it to be a very good method of promoting every participants’ business interest in 90 seconds to every other participant present. On a personal basis, within 5 hours of the event finishing, I was contacting another participant to seek assistance in an important forthcoming civic event; so I know the system works!” The Mayor of Ashford, Cllr David Smith

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